This is my attempt at making a cake based on "Sir Nigel Gresley". Sir Nigel is a Pacific A4 class locomotive, built to service the high speed East Coast mainline. A similiar locomotive "Mallard" holds the world steam record of 126 MPH

Sir Nigel Gresley was the chief engineer of the East Coast line and lived in Derbyshire. The train named after him is still in service on the North Yorks heritage steam line and is normally kept in its shed at Grosmont when not hauling passengers.

First, mix up your favourite sponge cake and make two cakes in standard loaf tins. Put them in the fridge at least overnight to harden otherwise they will crumble when you slice them. Meanwhile, prepare a wooden base longer than your cake and make up 500 gms of sugar paste, using icing sugar, a TBS of glucose and some warm water. Colour it green , roll out and lay on your base after wetting the board. Mix up some shredded coconut with some black food colour to make ballast, lay a track using chocolate finger biscuits stuck down with jam and fillin the ballast.

Next, when hard, cut your cakes to size with a sharp knife and glue them together with apricot jam. Mix up another 500 gms of sugar paste, divide into two and colour blue and black. Using a picture off the Internet, cover your cake with the sugar paste using jam as an adhesive. When set, turn another piece of cake on end and shape to form a drivers cabin. Attach this again with jam, using a wooden skewer to hold in place while setting.

Finally, mix up some more coloured sugar paste, cover the cabin, pipe on some yellow icing, add some wheels and Sir Nigel is ready for action as the centrepiece for that special birthday party.